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As our casting process is carried out entirely online, please follow the steps described below when applying. For reasons of confidentiality, we do not accept applications or give out information by telephone.


Una selección exquisita y rigurosa

At Elite by Julia Vega, we undertake an exhaustive and highly selective casting process when choosing our escorts.

Elite by Julia Vega has 22-years experience of selecting only those escorts who suitably match the profiles of our clients, not only with respect to beauty and physical attractiveness, but also in terms of sophistication, elegance, discretion, the ability to provide charming companionship, and complete commitment to delivering the services provided.

In the same way as we carefully select our clients, our agency also needs to guarantee that the escorts it works with match the profile the clients’ expect, and this is achieved not just through the casting process, but also through feedback and reviews, which we use to determine whether or not our escorts will continue working for the most exclusive escort agency in Europe and one of the largest and most highly reputed in the world.

Though we do not demand exclusivity at Elite by Julia Vega, we do value it and reward it. If you happen to work for other agencies or middlemen of any kind, we require you to inform us which ones.

If you are a woman of 18 years or older and think you may match the profile described, the casting process to join our agency is conducted as follows.
Complete the casting form

Fill in with your data the form below.

Attach video

Attach a short presentation or casting video, or some ordinary, everyday footage. A video taken using your own mobile will suffice, as long as the footage is clear. It does not have to be a professional video, nor do you need to be seen speaking: we simply need to see you moving around. A ‘making of’ video of a photo session will also be acceptable, if you have one.

Attach photographs

Attach some everyday photographs (not professionally taken), such as Polaroids, or photos in which you are wearing very little make-up and your face and body can be clearly seen (these photographs will only be used internally, to assess whether you are right for our agency or not).

Casting form

Thank you in advance for the interest you have shown in Elite by Julia Vega.

Thanks! Your data was successfully submitted.

If the casting team considers your candidacy interesting, we will contact you within the next 4 days for a personal interview.

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Attach your photographs and/or videos:

Please be assured that all information and photographs you provide will be treated with complete confidentiality and will only be used to evaluate your profile.

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