Mujeres y tacones
by Julia Vega

Women and heels

Women adore them, and we find them exquisite.

Ever seen a woman's shoe rack? Women love shoes. For them, shoes are objects of desire, essential items for their shopping bags. For many women, they are also cult objects, and this even includes viewing them as something to be collected. Some psychologists believe that behind this addiction to collecting footwear lies phallic symbolism, a frustrated desire to travel, or even a symbolic search for answers.

However, if there's one type of shoe that stands out above all the rest, and which inspires adoration and fetishism in both men and women in equal measure, it has to be the stiletto. When wearing high heels, a woman feels more self-assured and attractive… more of a woman. And as for us men, we simply adore them. Correct? High heels are an essential weapon of seduction. And the higher they are, the better.

Perhaps this is why, and despite the pain, the inconvenience and even the health problems that excessive use of high heels can cause, women simply cannot do without them. The thing is, high heels have numerous emotional, psychological and even physical connotations.

Power, self-assuredness and sexuality

We are all familiar with the idea that height equates to power. And in high heels, women feel seductive and powerful. Once a woman learns to move around safely in a nice pair of stilettos, it increases her self-confidence. Furthermore, walking in high heels transforms women's bodies, making their legs firm and slender, which is something all women want and all men appreciate.

However, it can't be easy feeling confident and secure at certain heights. High heels change the way women walk, in both positive and negative ways. This is why in certain gyms in New York, they offer stiletto strength classes to teach women how to move around in high heels and at the same time strengthen their legs. And could there be anything more exciting to see than a woman doing exercises in an attractive pair of stilettos?

But that's not all. It has been shown that walking in high heels strengthens the muscles of the pelvis, which increases their ability to contract and, as a result, enhances the woman's sexuality. Could one ask for anything more?

Like all women, the escorts at Élite absolutely love high heels. One good way of surprising them might be to take them on a shopping trip around the shoe shops in one of the cities where our services are available to enjoy, such as Barcelona, Madrid, London or Milan.

However, and as we've already pointed out, walking in high heels is tiring for the feet. So if you want one final piece of advice to finish, how about delighting them with a sensual, relaxing massage at the end of the day? As for the rest, we'll leave that to your imagination.