Todas somos escorts
by Julia Vega

We are all escorts

Although the title of this article may surprise (We're all escorts), it's as certain and clear as life itself, there is just one thing to clear up and that is the price.

Like everything in life, a car, a university career, a job, a collector's item, a building, etc. everything has a price..

How many times have we heard and said..."If you give me X I will jump in the pool", or "if I give you X do X prank". Well it's as plain and clear as this, it's simply a question of price.

Who hasn't seen the film "An Indecent Proposal"? Honestly, I don't know any woman who would refuse spending one night in exchange for 1 million dollars. This is exactly what I mean. It's a matter of bringing to the table a price which satisfies both parties.

There are women, just as there are men, who for a set price, will do it. We are talking about 1 million dollars as we could talk about €500 to dedicate one hour of your life to someone who just wants a momentary physical exchange.

The price is set according to one's needs, interests or self-esteem. Although just like everything in life, there is competition and if you want to seal the deal, you have to "be in the market". A simple negotiation until you reach a "deal point".

It's as simple and clear as that. An exchange of interests. No need to look any further.