El armario de una escort
by Julia Vega

The closet of an escort

For an escort of high standing, the question is "What do I wear?" This can't be the case.

A luxury escort should be prepared with a well equipped wardrobe for all occasions, client requests and time of day.

It's important to bear in mind that the escort should always, always, always be elegant, discreet, feminine and natural. Far from what you typically see in restaurants, clubs, hotels....these women with tight and short dresses, shoes of up to 16 centimetres with platform, despite being Christian Louboutin shoes and with their hair super done up and a face with a surplus of make up, seeming more like a painting, this is not an escort, this is simply a vulgarity.

An escort should distinguish, very clearly, their personal wardrobe from their professional wardrobe. If you like platforms, extravagant clothes, daring, sexy etc....

keep it for your personal life, when you go out with your friends, but never for work.

Showing your personal style may put off the client, which reminds them they aren't from your generation and what they want it someone with class and who can pass by unnoticed.

The client expects from an escort; a woman who is elegant, neat, subtle, natural and above all that won't stain their shirt or face with all the make up and won't leave a trace of perfume.

Going back to analysing the wardrobe of a high standing escort.... we continue by setting out a list of garments you shouldn't lack:

  • White shirt with a tight fitting large collar.
  • A silk or satin blouse in neutral and plain colours.
  • Skinny jeans.
  • Elegant and translucent top.
  • Elegant black dress, not too tight and not too short.
  • A large camel coat.
  • A large black coat.
  • Long and short translucent summer dress
  • Plain shoes, ballet style to go unnoticed.
  • Stiletto type black shoes of 10 centimetres without platforms.
  • Black and beige sandals of 10 centimetres without platforms.
  • A black tube skirt down to the knees.
  • A medium black bag and another in beige.
  • Discrete scarves or headscarves but still so that you can be seen amongst the multitude.
  • Various collections of lingerie of all types, body, two pieces, suspender belt, corset...
  • Don't use jewelry except the indispensables, it's easy to forget them.

In summary, an escort of high standing shouldn't seem like an escort, in any case.