by Julia Vega

Qualities and Attitudes of Julia Vega’s Escorts

The luxury escorts of Elite by Julia Vega have not been chosen at chance. To be an high standing escort and be part of the agency of reference in Spain and Europe, you must meet a series of requirements that extol the value of femininity, intelligence and strength, because these are some of the principles that Elite by Julia Vega represents.

And we want our team to differentiate and stand out, moving away from the prejudices and stereotypes that have been weighing on the sector for many years. Our escorts are women who not only meet the standards of beauty that every man can expect or look for in them, but their qualities, attitudes and aptitudes, go far beyond the physical, turning them into exceptional women and desire.

To fulfill the profile of Julia Vega, every escort must stand out for radiating a natural beauty without artifice that eclipses with its mere presence. There are no specific prototypes, just fit the one that at a glance draws attention, catch the eye and splurge something special. That essence is what should prevail in an escort Elite by Julia Vega.

Femininity is almost a norm. Every single Elite by Julia Vega’s escort stand out for being sensual and safe women, sometimes with heels other more discreet but always making elegance their best qualifier. They are women to enjoy, with whom to delight and have a company beyond the merely physical. We defend above all discretion, honesty, responsibility and passion for a job well done. The professionalism goes to the head. These are women of high socio-cultural level, at the height of any of our most exquisite clients. They are women who enjoy their work and live involved in everything they do, paying attention to the details and the needs of the person they serve. They are always open-minded and lack prejudices, which makes the experience unique and means that there are no shames or pranks that are not able to dominate.

The escort that passes the cut of Julia Vega will always be a lady with class and extraordinary, who enjoys sex and the infinity of learnings and sensations that are extracted from him.

Every man seeks a double satisfaction when it comes to fulfilling his desires, he dreams of the princess and the fiery tamer, the angel and the devil, the body and the brain, the challenge and the pleasure. Our escorts represent that seemingly improbable union of the woman at the height of the most severe desires. Why settle for something if you can have it all? It is not only the attractive woman with curves of infarction and sensual lips, it is not only the ability to understand and guess the needs of the client and stick to them with enjoyment; it is the attitude, the way of moving, the way of looking, the right words at the right moment, the sufficiency to understand the world and enjoy the possibilities it offers, with determination, with firmness and dedication.

An escort by Elite by Julia Vega is an unrepeatable, exclusive and coveted woman, who adapts to any circumstance and knows how to respond to any dream. And fortunately, that is the great privilege of human beings: to dream, because dreams know no limits.