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Why Luxury Escort?

¿Por qué ser Escort de Lujo_

Being a high-class escort is not a profession: it is a vocation, a lifestyle.

Elite by Julia Vega escorts are educated women with careers and high sociocultural status, some of whom work for multinational companies or are successful business entrepreneurs. However, what these exceptional women are seeking to do by providing their time and company, without ties or complications, is relieve the monotony, satisfy a need for emotional stimulation and excitement, and, of course, increase their spending power.

It goes without saying that this is obviously not the situation for the majority of women who provide sexual services, but we are no longer talking about high-class escorts in their cases.

In just the same way as there are young people who develop an interest in computers, music, the opposite sex, etc., high-class escorts are women who at some point, be it sooner or later, develop this particular interest in commitment free, healthy, straightforward and uncomplicated sex – sex with strangers. And if mother nature happens to have endowed them with beauty and a good physique, such women tend to become high-class escorts.

As we stated earlier, being a high-class escort is an individual lifestyle choice. With appointment book and telephone in hand, you know how and where you're going to be picked up, but never where and with whom you're going to be sleeping. You have to be perfect at all times: manicured, pedicured, hair styled, body hair removed, well made-up, exquisitely dressed, haute couture lingerie set always at hand… always perfect, prepared and ready. It is a life in which you get little warning about what you'll be doing next: today you're in the office in Madrid and in an hour's time you'll have to fly to Paris, coming back on the first flight the next morning and returning back to the office as if it's nothing.

All things considered , it's definitely a life in which you don't need to worry about paying the bills at the end of the month: high-class escorts always have clients. You also get to stay at the best hotels, dine at the best restaurants, drink the best champagne without caring how much it costs, receive gifts without asking, get treated like a princess without actually being one, etc.

That said, not all that glitters is gold. A high-class escort needs to be the kind of person who knows how to be discreet, leads an independent single life, and is careful and selective about where and with whom she works.

A Madrid or Barcelona high-class escort is not the same as the kind found in Dubai or Miami. A Madrid or a Barcelona high-class escort is a woman who is either studying at university, working for a company or running her own business and chooses to meet clients in her free time. They are women who elect to do this as something extra on the side, when they can and when they want to. By contrast, the types of high-class escorts found in Dubai, Miami, Monaco, Ibiza, etc., are very exclusive, very high-status women, often professional international models who combine their lives of modelling and attending social events with top-end high-class escort work.

Becoming a high-class escort, therefore, is a personal choice, and opting to become one with Elite by Julia Vega is the best decision you can make in this respect.

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