Fitness escorts, las más deseadas
by Julia Vega

The most desirable fitness escorts

Everyone knows that one of the trends of the 21st century is the cult of the body and having a healthy lifestyle.

At Elite by Julia Vega, our luxury escorts follow highly demanding training routines and live healthy lifestyles in order to achieve and maintain a perfect body and optimum health.

Those defined super-fit bodies, typical of the ones you find on the front page of Sports Illustrated, among other publications, are a reality and, at Elite by Julia Vega, we have several luxury escorts with those bodies.

Asia is a luxury escort in Madrid who stands out not just because of her exquisitely defined body and 1.75m height, but also because of her extremely attractive and sexy face as well as her elegance and innate class. Asia is a luxury bisexual escort and so she loves to meet both gentlemen and couples who simply want the best.

Tatiana is another luxury escort in Madrid and is one of this country's most prominent and well-known. Tatiana was an Interviu girl and occasionally works on television as a real influencer in the world of fashion and fitness. This high-profile curvy escort from Madrid is 1.77m tall and is just pure sensuality and a vice. A woman through and through for the most intense private moments.

Sabina is one of our luxury escorts in Madrid, a star of the silver category. She's probably our fittest escort but she's also very cute and charming. At 1.64m, she's small but desirable for gentlemen who don't want a very tall escort, and instead want a beautiful face and a simply perfect and defined body.

Leonor is one of our star luxury escorts in Barcelona. This Valencian goddess not only has a breathtaking body, but she's also a beauty and a fascinating person. Her face is pure elegance and sensuality and her personality is innocent, sweet and very sexual. Without doubt one of the most recommended of our luxury escorts in Barcelona.

At Elite by Julia Vega, we always try to surpass our clients' expectations and these 4 beauties are a clear example that you will always find the best in every category with our agency.